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Pssst. ophelia-tagloff and smittentomkitten He’s in Miami, wearing the Moscow!Tom leather jacket and the Feely.

not an audio, but apparently i can now also HEAR him when I read his words. (is that my new superpower?)

what a beautiful, beautiful dork. Such enthusiasm. Such kindness and generosity. Such glorious rambling. 

watching star wars marathons with this dork. Then fuck. Or fuck between movies. And fuck between movies, I meant.

I know!! As soon as he started talking about Loki/Anakin, I was dead. I may have moaned. Your dream scenario is also one of my dream scenarios - the Star Wars marathon… with sound effects. Just ask
about the light saber sounds.

That was a great interview.


Welcome to the building


Tom/Character: Actor!Tom

Genre: M – Smut

Summary: OFC moves into the flat next to Tom’s

A/N: I don’t know where this came from. Hope you enjoy


It’s been a long day of unpacking, you look around your new living room, finally it starts to feel a little like home. Placing the last of the boxes into each other you grab your keys, and make your way to the trash cans at the back of the building. Waiting for the lift to arrive on your floor, you look around the long corridor, on each floor there were 4 flats per floor and you are on the top floor. You still smile at the memory of stepping into the flat the first time, the realtor opening the door ushering you through. Your eyes swept over the room and landed on the floor to ceiling windows with a panoramic view over one of London’s most sought-after neighbourhoods. You walked through the flat in a daze, already picturing yourself living there, where you would place everything. Half an hour later you had signed the lease and were walking back towards the lift.

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Does he greet all new tenants this way?  LOL.


Battle of wills 2


I managed to fisih something I started on Friday… harmless fluff..

Faye is getting a bit soft… 

Battle of wills 2

After Tom had left, Faye stared at the wall, torn about how to proceed. She was determined to not let Tom have any influence on her work. Keeping a clear head and concentrating on her project was paramount. Yet she was already thinking too much about him. His promise not to give up made her uneasy and left her feel vulnerable. To what length might he go? A part of her was enraged: In this day and age it should be possible for a woman to say no to a man with him accepting it. How dare he question her decision? Her reasons for not getting involved were sound and something he should respect.

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Keep ‘em coming @neither-blue-nor-green.  I’m loving it.




















Only Lovers Left Alive - press conference

He looks so pensive….

The eye fuck in the first one is one of my favorites! The down and up look, ehehehehe…

matchgirl42 - is this the one where that “incident” happened just before?

(if so, it sort of colors this whole thing a lot darker for me - even if he is stunningly beautiful here.)

Yes it is smittentomkitten if we’re talking about the same thing


no - someone said recently that right before this (i think it was this?) he had been accosted/groped by a fan who jumped a barricade or something.  Hence the look on his face in most of these GIFs (i.e., sort of freaked the fuck out.)

** Note:  I DON’T KNOW IF THIS WAS THE SAME PRESS CONF.  That’s why I’m looking for clarification. I think matchgirl42 might have known something about it (?), but don’t quote me…

Holy shit I didn’t even know that. If it’s true, then by the looks on his face it could def be the same moment.

adamcansuckme tarrysmith

I know. I edited this absolutely gorgeous still of him from this when someone said it was right after that had happened.  So when I see GIFs from this now, all I see is his vulnerability and fear. :(

Wow…I didn’t know about that incident
…..fuck…Poor baby.

I’m just now seeing the tags, sorry folks.  But all I know is what I was told by other people, that a fan jumped a barricade at the Cannes red carpet and onto him, and that this press conference happened right afterwards.  I have never seen news reports or videos of said assault, just blogged/uncomfirmed reports of it, so I don’t know the veracity of it actually having happened.  (And this was before I joined the fandom, anyways.)

Keep in mind as well what he himself said in a recent interview, that when he tried to get to Cannes there was some kind of airport fire and instead of a comfy flight from Heaththrow, he had to take a cab to Dover, then the overnight 2am booze cruise to get across the channel, then another cab to Paris, then a flight to Cannes, then customs, then finally another cab to Cannes, and literally changed in the cab on the way there from the port after having been awake all night.  So he probably wasn’t in the best of moods to begin with, without any assault happening.

Thanks for following up, sweetie. :)
lokiwholockfactory adamcansuckme allthatandasideoftom tarrysmith

You’re welcome, smittentomkitten. :)

(As an aside, my apologies if my response came off at all snarky, I was (and still am) in a state of bemused shock of “woah holy shit I have become a source of info in the fandom and multiple people are tagging me as such, I HAVE ARRIVED.”  And then I went and threw some cold water on my ego to rein that shit in. ;) )

you didn’t come off snarky at all (and even if you had, I wouldn’t have minded. I’m all about the snark.). xoxo. :)

Umm now with all this info..there’s something about that last gif..maybe its me, but he does look upset and violated.

It’s not just you.

I never heard that story…now I feel horrible :(

I’m sorry luv. When it was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago, it threw me for a terrible loop, too. Because if true, what in the holy fucking hell is wrong with people?

so I got this on my ask box

smittentomkitten angelica-aswald @hiddleshoneybunny matchgirl42 allthatandasideoftom tarrysmith starinlokissky

adamcansuckme matchgirl42 angelica-aswald tarrysmith
And yet even with this it’s *still* all hearsay. You know?

Actually it isn’t hearsay.  I read an interview Tom did where he detailed his difficulty in reaching Cannes on time.  I think it followed the interviewer’s showing Tom the infamous Cannes photos (with his bulge).  There has also been a photo of Tom on the ferry looking completely exhausted.  I’ve seen that one at least twice on my dash smittentomkitten.



Vegan Getting Ready for Fall Comfort Food Round Up

Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Vegan Tofu & Vegetable Pot Pie

Speedy Sweet Potato Chili

Vegan Lentil Meatloaf (GF/NF/SF)

Vegan Chicken & Dumplings

Classic Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Baked Shells Stuffed with Cheesy Butternut Squash

Vegan Jack & Cola Pot Roast

Pumpkin Alfredo (GF)

Definitely trying these.  Omigod - damn near orgasmic looking.  





Women dressed as mermaids in Disneyland 1960

HOLLERS NO U DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!! Disney hired teenagers in the 60’s to literally be mermaids they held open auditions and the only requirements were that you had long hair and were a strong swimmer and they gave them mirrors and other props and they literally spent their days swimming and waving I heard a story once about sailors visiting the park and one of them jumped in with the mermaids THIS WAS JUST„ SO COOL I WANT TO BE A MERMAID! YELLs

I know someone whose Mom was one of the mermaids, it’s all very cool.

WDW, Walt Disney World opened in 1971.  It wasn’t open in the 1960s.