Hiddles Fashion spotlight: Seasons of Tom.

Gosh… those legs… I love his long and muscular legs… I… asgdfr…
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Mmmm those legs… *swoons *

nope…not to tonight ya long legged freak

It could seriously take days to work your way up from his toes to that beautiful face.  That’s a trip I’d love to take.


forgivengabriel requested “Buffy and Tara’s positions in “Seeing Red” are reversed - Buffy dies and Tara’s shot in the shoulder.”

It was all so quick. Xander barely had time to cry out before she fell. The thud she made echoed. He scrambled over, applying pressure to the gunshot wound. He called 911, begging Buffy’s slayer healing to kick in. 

"Your shirt.." Tara murmured. Willow caught her in her arms, and lowered her to the ground. Willow reached for the phone, sobbing to the operator. Tara’s eyes fluttered, and she was deathly cold. 

The ambulances that arrived quickly dispersed, one heading up, the other around the back. For Buffy it was too late. The bullet had entered her left ventricle, and she was dead before she hit the ground. Tara was luckier. The bullet had missed her heart. She was taken to surgery immediately. Willow paced in the waiting room, crying. Her shirt was still splattered with Tara’s blood. 

Xander didn’t know what to do.  He sat on the bench, just watching as the body grew stiff. Idly, he wondered if this was what it had been like for Buffy when her mother died. What was he going to tell her sister? Dawn came home when Xander was inside calling Giles. He heard a heartbreaking scream before rushing outside to find Dawn sobbing over Buffy. He gathered her in his arms, whispering, “It’s going to be okay, Dawnie, it’s going to be okay.”

Tara made it though surgery. She awoke to Willow sleeping in the same bed as her, Willow’s face still streaked with tears. Xander was dozing in a chair, Dawn was curled at her feet, and Giles was sleeping on the floor, his glasses falling off his nose. Tara gently woke Willow.

"Where’s Buffy?" She asked. Willow just looked at her, her face betrayed what Tara feared. She hugged Willow tightly, and let Willow cry. 

The funeral was quiet. Most of Sunnydale attended. Buffy had, of course, saved them all at one point or another. The group elected to put her gravestone in her favorite cemetery. Angel was heartbroken, and her and the team traveled up from L.A. Willow and Tara raised Dawn, with the help of Xander and Giles. They never fully recovered. 

Far beneath them, the First settled. Buffy had finally died of natural causes. All was peaceful. 

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What if?  I don’t even want to think about this scenario. 




UK Competition time!

The UK publishers of the Joss Whedon biography by Amy Pascale have given us three copies to give away.

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Attention UK followers who are Whedon fans.  This is AWESOME.  Enter to win this biography of Joss Whedon.  I can’t even pick a favorite Buffy episode, let alone a favorite scene.